Top Seven Invoice Creators You Should Be Using in 2022

Invoice generation software has become an important tool for many businesses. Invoices can be helpful when tax season comes along, and they play an important role in bookkeeping tasks. We highly recommend implementing these seven invoice generators into your workflow. These programs are not rated in any particular order. :: AndreyPopov


Over the years, Paypal has become a trusted platform for handling money.(1) However, did you know that they also have an awesome online invoice generator? Paypal’s invoice generation solutions work over the Internet, allowing you to use professionally-made invoice templates to create invoices for each sale, and create a link that you can send to your customers so that they can view, print and track their invoices quickly and effortlessly. You can even create your own invoice templates, complete with company letterhead if that’s what you desire.(2)

Paypal’s solution makes returns easier to handle as well by allowing your customers to print their invoices for their records, or if your customer has somehow lost their receipt, you can simply search for the appropriate receipt using search parameters and issue refunds according to your company policies. This solution requires a Paypal Business account.(3)

Website: Paypal Invoicing


Harvest presents you with a dual-purpose solution incorporating time and expense tracking, as well as powerful invoicing features, into one extremely convenient software.(4) You can create custom time sheets for employees to fill out each day and customized invoices for customers you can either print out or Email, and the software can be integrated with your QuickBooks Online account so that you can automatically send your invoices there for when it comes time for you to file taxes for your business.

Harvest also allows you to use the software free of charge for 30 days without the need for a credit card. Simply fill out the form to create your online account, and a link will be sent to your Email address where you can try out the software, and see if you like it.

Website: Harvest


Invoice2Go creates an entire suite of business applications and places them in a single package.(5) You can schedule and manage appointments, organize expenses, create custom invoices and more from a single software!

The list of features doesn’t end there; Invoice2Go also allows you to set reminders for all of your important appointments, send automated payment reminders to clients, track incoming and outgoing expenses and much more.

Website: Invoice2Go


The FreshBooks platform makes billing and invoicing tasks much easier. With FreshBooks, you can create custom invoice and billing templates in seconds.(6) It even allows you to send a thank you Email, which is a good tool to use to promote other products customers might be interested in, which can gain more business for your company.

FreeBooks also has reporting software that allows you to make graphical representations of business expenses, accounts payable, accounts receivable and other pertinent business information.

Website: FreshBooks

Square Invoices

Built by the same company that created a safe company payment system by the same name(7), Square Invoices brings a lot to the table in terms of overall functionality. This convenient software is cloud-based, giving you access to your invoices from almost anywhere using your desktop, laptop or mobile device. A convenient phone app is also included so that you can log straight into your account, and receive fast access to your data.(8)

Square Invoices has a free version and a paid version. The features differ between these versions. The free version gives you everything you need to set up professionally created invoices with unlimited customers, invoices and contracts, unlimited users, the ability to send invoices via SMS or Email or by sending customers a link and the ability to accept payments 24 hours a day.

The paid version of Square Invoices includes all the free version’s features in addition to:

  • Implement offers with custom options and multi-package estimates
  • Flawless automatic estimate-to-invoice conversion
  • Milestone-based payment schedules
  • Creation of custom, reusable invoice templates
  • Project organization features
  • Project tracking

Website: Square Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is very similar to Square Invoice in terms of user-friendliness, and they’re both cloud-based. What makes these two programs different is that Zoho includes more features such as support for multiple currencies, time and expense tracking, reporting and allows you to create estimates(9), and Zoho is also a free software.(10)

Website: Zoho Invoice

Wave Invoicing

Wave provides another free solution to invoicing that allows you to create invoices in any currency, organize and track your invoices, automatic payment reminders and much more.(11)

You can customize just about everything from payment reminders to invoices and reports. Its powerful invoice management features allow you to search invoices quickly and efficiently, helping you keep in contact with your customers at all times. There is also a paid version that provides support for managing payroll taxes.(12)

Website: Wave Invoicing


You have seen seven of the highest rated invoice generation programs available on the market. Each one is a free or low-cost solution to create and track invoices and will make your bookkeeping and tax preparation much easier so that you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business!



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