The 5 Most Valuable Video Conferencing Software Options

Video conferencing is a game-changer for business communication. It has improved collaboration, eliminated the need for long-distance travel, and lowered company expenses by cutting down on travel costs. Whether you are looking for an online meeting solution or something more robust, there is now a video conferencing option that will suit your needs. This blog post lists five of the most valuable video conferencing options on the market today.

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1. Zoom Software

Zoom, founded by ex-Googlers, is a video conferencing software that allows you to conduct live video meetings. It has a straightforward interface and provides an effective way to communicate with other people. The Zoom app can be accessed online or downloaded on your desktop or mobile device [iOS or Android].

Zoom allows you to create up to four video feeds at once. This option allows you to meet with multiple people simultaneously and share content easily across all screens, making it an excellent fit for businesses that frequently conduct meetings or presentations with individuals located in different locations. Zoom also has an application programming interface (API) that allows integration with other services such as Google Hangouts. It also has an “open platform” that allows other developers to build specialized applications like the Knowledge Project app, which lets you use Zoom during webinar events with your participants.

2. Cisco Webex

Cisco’s WebEx is a video conferencing solution that enables people to conduct online meetings in different time zones or in the same room. It gives you control over who can attend a meeting and allows participants to engage with each other online. WebEx has cross-platform compatibility, both in terms of hardware equipment (for example, Apple Macs and Windows PCs) and application programming interfaces (APIs).

With Cisco’s Cloud Services TelePresence solution, you can bring many interactive features to your meetings. A Cisco TelePresence MX MCU video conference room uses video, audio, and advanced capabilities such as high-definition screen displays and cameras that can pan, zoom, tilt and rotate 360 degrees. It also has an intuitive console that acts as the conductor of your meeting; it lets you control what is shared and who can attend. Cisco has recently added a new video conferencing capability to the TelePresence solution: Immersive Collaboration, which provides you with the option to share 3D models and engage in mixed reality collaboration sessions.

3. Skype for Business

Skype for business, at first glance, may seem like it is an outdated video conferencing solution. Still, it is a very efficient and well-known service in the business industry. It has improved from its early days of audio/visual issues, and users can rely on Skype for Business to be fairly reliable. You can collaborate with up to 250 people at once, share large files, or use an interactive whiteboard to enhance your meeting. Skype for Business does have some setup issues that can hamper its effectiveness as a business tool.

4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a video conferencing platform that allows users to connect with other people through live broadcast, chat, and instant messaging. It also has screen-share capabilities if you want to share files or applications during a meeting. This tool works very well, but it does not hold up under high user loads. You will experience audio or visual issues if other users try to access the Hangouts platform simultaneously as your meeting.

5. Fuze Meeting

Fuze’s Meeting provides an innovative way of conducting online meetings. It combines the best of desktop sharing, screen, and content sharing with the ease of a video conference. Fuze has cross-platform compatibility, and members can join meetings from any device using an Internet connection.

Fuze Meeting also provides cloud storage for all meeting recordings, which means that you’ll always have access to your past meetings.


These are the best video conferencing solutions for business. The needs of businesses constantly change, as does the technology that they use to address those needs. You must assess how you can effectively utilize your meetings to increase productivity and collaboration within and across teams.

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