5 brand new Smart Beds to Improve your sleep

While smartphones are well-integrated into our everyday lives, the smart bed is just starting to make waves. This unique mattress is a blend of smart technology that provides you with the necessary information to help you understand your sleeping habits better.

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What is Smart Bed Technology?

Smart mattress technology, according to Market Business News, is simply defined as a bed that utilizes various technologies to enhance one’s sleep and provide one with necessary data about sleep hygiene. While there is no set list of features that every smart mattress must have, there are some key ones that are very popular among most beds on the market today, according to Lifewire.

Sleep Tracking

Probably the most prominent feature of this smart technology is sleep tracking. Sleep sensors are embedded in the mattress or a cover, and they report vital information to your smartphone app. This information includes data like your heartbeat, movement, respiration, pressure, and so much more.

Temperature Control

Some newer luxury smart beds offer temperature control. There is a thermostat that is integrated into the mattress that can be automatically controlled or manually controlled via your smartphone to meet the specific settings that you require for a restful slumber.

Position Control

A necessary feature for king size beds is position control. This allows a user to alter the settings on one side of their mattress while leaving the settings on the other side completely untouched.

App Integration

Some top-of-the-line smart mattresses offer smart home app integration. With these mattresses, you’ll be easily able to control other smart items like your coffee maker, thermostat, smart lights, virtual assistants, television, and so forth.

Air Chambers

Another great feature of smart mattress technology is the use of air chambers to alter your body posture. Some beds have self-adjusting air chambers that are regulated by pressure sensors in the mattress. Others allow for manual adjustment via your smartphone app.

Between Which Kinds of Smart Beds Can You Choose?


While all smart mattresses come with smart features, there are some main differences between the product offerings. One of the biggest variances is where the smart features lie. Some smart sensors are within the mattress itself, others are in the bed base, and some are within the mattress covering. Additionally, these beds can be bought with single controls for the whole bed or dual controls for both bed sides.

How Much Does a Smart Bed Cost?


The price of a smart mattress is going to vary depending on the brand, specific smart features, and size. According to CNET, Sleep Number’s 360 smart king bed costs $7,600. For a smaller twin-sized bed, you’re looking at around $1,200. One thing is for sure, expect to pay more than most traditional mattresses.

What are the Benefits of a Smart Bed?


The most significant benefit noted by smart mattress users is the ability to track their sleep. When you have data about how you’re sleeping, you can change various aspects of your nightly routine to see how they affect your overall slumber. The more you know about your sleep, the more restful you can make it for yourself.

People love the fact that their luxury smart mattresses connect to their other smart devices. No longer do you have to get out of bed to turn your lights on or make coffee. You can do so easily from the comfort of your new luxury smart bed.

Another great benefit of a luxury smart mattress is that it can self-adjust to make your body more comfortable as you sleep. This could be adjusting the air chambers to allow for less pressure on various parts of your body. Or, it could be altering the temperature of your mattress to keep you from sweating overnight.

Five Top-Rated Smart Beds for a Good Sleep


No one wants to waste their time searching the internet to find the perfect luxury smart bed. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard research for you to determine the five highest-rated beds to achieve a good night’s sleep.

1. ReST Essential

This smart mattress is popular for its affordability and attention to detail. It’s comprised of three key layers, which are cooling memory foam, smart sensors, and air chambers. This bed offers over 64,000 different combinations for firmness, excellent pressure relief for the body, and real-time sleep tracking.

2. Eight Sleep The Pod Pro

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is ideal for couples looking to invest in a luxury smart bed. This bed offers dual-zone temperature control and bed settings, so each person can remain comfy throughout the entire night. It also tracks your heart rate and nicely wakes you up with a vibrating alarm that is completely silent.

3. Sleep Number 360 I8

When you’re dealing with uncomfortable sleep, the I8 may just be the answer. This luxury smart bed offers both manual and automatic firmness adjusting on both sides. It boasts a highly breathable design with smart 3D fabric and will remember your Sleep IQ score.

4. Saatva Solaire

When you’re looking to rid your life of back pain, the Solaire is what you’re looking for. This smart mattress offers gel memory foam, 50 firmness levels, and latex for optimal lumbar support. This is one of the only smart mattresses that has received praise from chiropractors throughout the country.

5. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Power Bed

This smart base can be paired with many different Tempur-Pedic mattresses to offer you the best of comfort and technology. This base has smart snore detection, in-bed head and foot massage, sleep tracking, and even is Alexa-enabled.

What are the Cons of a Smart Bed?


While smart mattresses can offer a lot of great benefits for users, just like every other product, they have their own set of drawbacks as well. One common drawback is their price, as they’re typically more expensive than most traditional mattresses.

As you know, smart mattresses require the use of technology. For those who aren’t overly familiar with smart apps, this can be a bit confusing. Even some of the most fluent smart app users can have difficulty setting up some of these best smart mattresses on the market today.