New Options with an Online Marketing Degree

Someone who understands people and can persuade them may have a career in marketing. Professionals realize what customers want as one of the most important skills in the field. Marketing requires knowing how to recognize the public’s demand for products or services. The ability to represent a company that offers something that people want to buy provides a key to success in marketing. An online degree can open the door to a rewarding career.

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Enjoying the Advantages of an Online Marketing Degree

The convenience of online learning provides advantages that a college campus cannot offer. In addition to staying at home, keeping your job and staying in touch with family and friends, the advantages may help you choose to earn an online marketing degree.

1. Ease of Access
You can attend class from any location you have a computer. In addition, you can study whenever your schedule allows. Earning an online degree lets you record lectures and store them for future reference. You get to control access to the learning materials and progress at a level you find comfortable. When you can study from anywhere at any time, it makes earning a degree much easier than going to class on a campus.

2. Efficient Teaching Methods
As a student in a college classroom, you may not like the professor’s approach to teaching. However, you have no choice but to sit there and listen. On the other hand, online teachers use a variety of tools to make your classes interesting. For example, you may watch videos, read PDFs or listen to podcasts instead of hearing to a dreary lecture in a campus classroom. You have access to online resources to libraries around the world. Since you do not have to worry about missing a lecture, home study keeps you up to date on assignments.

3. Money Saving
The cost of an online marketing degree provides huge savings over an on-campus degree. When you avoid the expense of transportation, meals and housing, the cost advantages amount to a lot. In addition, you have no books or study materials to buy because you can see everything online. Besides that, paperless learning helps you protect the planet.

Choosing the Best Degree for Marketing

Your personal and professional interests can guide you in choosing the best degree for you. Either a Bachelor of Science in marketing or a Bachelor of Business Administration can prepare you to enter the field. A degree with an emphasis on science teaches you about economics, finance and operations in addition to marketing. If you prefer the operations and commercial aspects of marketing, then a degree in business administration may suit you better.

    Finding the Fastest Way to Earn a Marketing Degree


    Online and on-campus marketing degrees require you to earn credits for each course you take. Most college courses for undergraduates let you earn three credits each. Graduation with a marketing degree requires at least 120 credits, and you may need to take four years to complete it. However, some schools offer an accelerated program that lets you finish sooner.

    Selecting a Marketing Degree Online from a U.S. School


    The availability of education that you can any time from any location invites you to invest in your potential for a bright future. Whether you want to enter the labor market or expand your knowledge for the enjoyment of it, an online marketing degree can help you do it. These schools represent the pros and cons that you may experience and the costs of earning an online degree.

    1. Bellevue University
    The specifications for an online marketing degree at Bellevue University include these:

    Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in Marketing
    Duration: 2 Years
    Bachelors Course Credit Requirement: 120
    Rating: Five Stars
    Fees: $425 per credit

    An online marketing degree at Bellevue University lets you attend class and do everything on-campus students do. You get assignments and lectures when you have time, and you meet and interact virtually with classmates. Instructors answer your questions, and you can do research at the Bellevue online library.

    • Small classes
    • Online forums where you can connect to fellow students
    • Instructors who have real-world experience in marketing
    • Access to the Bellevue library and support services 24/7
    • Online writing and tutoring as needed
    • Option to an accelerated program of two years
    • Affordable degrees
    • Transfer options
    • Eligibility for financial aid, scholarship or grant
    • Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission
    • Recognition by the U.S. Department of Education
    • Submit assignments day or night
    • Access to help from a Student Coach

    The two-year program requires you to transfer your associate degree from another institution or bring 60 credits. Marketing courses reside in the upper level of studies. In addition, they require about two years of general education classes.

    2. Minot State University
    The specifications for an online marketing degree from Minot State University include these:

    Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in Marketing
    Duration: 4 Years
    Bachelors Course Credit Requirement: 120
    Rating: Four Stars
    Fees: $316 per credit

    Minot State University welcomes students from 28 different countries and creates a diverse learning atmosphere. Known for excellence and lower costs than many other schools, it offers students access to education as the third most affordable university in the United States.

    • High acceptance rate of 66.7 percent
    • Offers admissions for three terms except for winter
    • Requires a decent academic record
    • Accepts GRE/GMAT scores
    • High-quality learning experience
    • Holds rank at #110 by Regional Universities Midwest
    • Ranked #34 in Top Public Schools
    • Ranked #3 of Best Colleges in North Dakota
    • Internship opportunities offer full-time or part-time experience
    • Student-run clubs and businesses
    • Commitment to preparing students for business careers

    Internships come from employers instead of university sponsorship. Students may seek opportunities for internships.

    3. Colorado State University
    The specifications for a marketing degree from Colorado State University include these:

    Degree Offered: Bachelors Degree in Marketing
    Duration: 3-4 Years
    Bachelors Course Credit Requirement 120
    Rating: Five Stars
    Fees: $350 per credit

    Colorado State’s requirement for 120 total credits may include a mix of degree courses and general education classes. In addition, students earn credits for elective courses.

    • Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.
    • Ranked as one of the Top Online Bachelor’s Programs for 2022
    • Ranked #2 for Most Affordable Online Bachelors Marketing Degree
    • Flexible schedule allows students to spend time at work, school and family
    • Same admission requirements for online or on-campus students
    • Accepts transfer students
    • Allows dual enrollment at separate college
    • Can obtain degree from outside the United States
    • Requires an application essay
    • Requires high school diploma or GED
    • Choice of online classes in four, eight or 12-week terms

    Colorado State University has the same limitations on the college experience as all other online course providers. While the virtual experience provides many benefits, it cannot offer a physical classroom where students sit together to learn.